Lessons and Other Services

Contact me for more information regarding the following additional activities I do. You can schedule individual lessons or get a 4 lesson package that comes with a discount. 


Singing Lessons (For Beginners) 

I love singing, I also studied to be a teacher. Why not mix the two? I do lessons via Skype or in -person. 


Spanish Lessons (Any Level)/ Tutoring

Spanish is my native language. With over 10 years of experience tutoring, I feel comfortable with any age group or Spanish level. I've mostly taught Spanish-speaking students to speak English, but I recently started teaching Spanish to Americans on a one to one setting here in Nashville. I was surprised by how many people actually love it and want to learn it. This is something I enjoy sharing, more of my culture. 


Interpreting (Medical/ Missionary)

Volunteering previously as an interpreter in medical brigades for missionaries that came to Honduras for about 5 years, I worked for a company called Grupo Levanter later as an official Medical Interpreter. After I received all the necessary training for it, I found myself happy to help erase the language barriers in conversation to benefit someone's health and life situation.