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"Rose Gold" Debut Ep


Drawing: Aleksey Nelipa    Design: Marvin Cardenas

Drawing: Aleksey Nelipa

Design: Marvin Cardenas

You can hear Rose’s soulful vocals in her single Closer
— Ising Mag
Aside from her glowing personality offstage, it was truly enjoyable to see that Rose had no problem putting herself out there in her performance.  Her stage presence and banter with the audience was the perfect compliment to her band, which kept it tight, yet playful.
— Nashville Offbeat
Honduran singer Rose Rodriguez can mold her voice to fit many different genres, having done equally impressive versions of “Never Enough” from The Greatest Showman and Joe Bonamassa and Beth Hart’s “Black Coffee.” It’s hard to believe it’s the same person singing both covers. Her debut single “Closer” is a bright and sunny upbeat soul-pop number — ideal for a summer day.
— Nashville scene

Shows 2018



12/10- War Memorial Plaza, Christmas Dreams- Timmy Tumbully Musical w/ Jumbled Dreams, echoes 4 hope and more @6:45pm

12/16 City Winery, Christmas Around The World; 4 Language show w/Irenka Style


11/28- The End Nashville, Doors Open 7pm


10/27- Children’s Musical launch (Timmy Tumbully) and “You Belong” Anti-bullying camps- Creekside Riding Academy, Franklin, TN @2:00pm

10/31- B.B. Kings Blues Club Nashville @8:40pm


8/17- Mercy Lounge, "Rose Gold" Ep Release Show @8pm



6/1 - Fort Campbell base Party on The Patio @7pm

6/16- Plaza Mariachi, Semi-Acoustic @2:45pm



5/2- Belcourt Taps, Writer's Round @8:00pm

5/27- Plaza Mariachi @4:00pm



3/12- Nashville Rising Song

3/25- Ladies Rock Camp Showcase YEAH



2/1- Nobles Kitchen, Maker's Series Writer's Round 

2/18- Venue 109, Eclectic Soul Sunday @5:00 pm



1/24- 404 Bar & Grille Writer's Round

1/27- Radio Cafe. Intimo, World Music Live Experience @9:30pm



11/26- Exit In, Eclectic Soul Showcase @6pm



7/28 "Closer" Debut Single & Video Release Party, Double Tree Hotel Downtown Nashville @7:00pm



6/21 Global Education Center, Make Music Nashville (Acoustic) @4:00pm

6/25 "Closer" Video Making Party

"Misery" (Official Video)


Closer (Official Video)

Street performing in Nashville


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 by photographer Daniel Lopez 


Meet Rose

“Singing is my life, my purpose. We need music just as much as we need love.
— Rose


Born in Honduras, and a firstborn of six sisters, Rose would never stop singing. Her parents began to notice her voice particularly with the song "My heart will Go on" from the movie Titanic at the age of 8. 

Pc: Daniel Lopez

Pc: Daniel Lopez

At school, Rose she was first introduced to singing by her Elementary music teacher Lubis Irias. Rose was part of the choir he directed. Lubis wanted to have Rose sing solo on "Sing a Song" by the Carpenters, but she was so shy he had to pretend the mic was for everyone and ended up having Rose sing it the day of, becoming a beautiful childhood memory, singing along with friends on the "la,la,la,la,la" part in the "Teatro Manuel Bonilla" Venue, located in Tegucigalpa City.


This same teacher took Rose to record vocals in a studio for the first time, along with two more girls, for a children song written by Tony Sierra to UNESCO called "Podemos Hacer Un Mundo Mejor" (We Can Make A Better World), originally "Igual que tu" (Just Like You), which won prices in Holand and then got translated into English and French. He then coached Rose all through Elementary and took her to different singing contests, events and TV Shows like "Fantastico"" and "Fin de Semana", not knowing it would become one of her greatest life passions. 

Rose's mom took her to a studio to record a cover for "Pero Me Acuerdo De Ti" by Christina Aguilera at age 10. Her second time at a studio. The support from Rose's family with her music has always meant a lot to her.

As a teenager Rose found meaning for her singing in a church established by Americans in Honduras called "Tabernaculo de Sion" (Zion Tabernacle). This passionate, modern, and eclectic group of people taught her more about music, life and love.

"They taught me how we can use everything we are to love others" -Rose
Chochi Sosa Stadium

Chochi Sosa Stadium

"Audiolove", Pc: Juan Aguilar

"Audiolove", Pc: Juan Aguilar

A few years later Rose joined the band "Audiolove" (Named "Midnight Coffee" after) as a background vocalist, but the band members made her the lead singer after their first album "Everybody Needs Love (2010); where she recorded lead vocals for "Lately" and "I". Did a Duet with Joca on "I Want To Live" and harmonies on all the other songs. 

Originally Joca the guitarist and writer of most of the songs was going to be the vocalist, but after switching, Rose sang almost all of the songs from the album live. Joca sang a few of them and some others where still performed as a duet, while adding new ones that were unrecorded like "Answers", "No Tags", "Renaissance", "Run Away" and "Time", among others to their shows. They did predominantly alternative rock, pop, blues and blues-rock for 7 years in Honduras.

Rose Rodriguez, Pc: Nahun Rodriguez Photography

Rose Rodriguez, Pc: Nahun Rodriguez Photography

Rose co-wrote "I Want To Live" with Joca, and wrote Melody and lyrics to "No Tags", "Run Away" and "Time".

Before the band broke up, they played all around Honduras and got to places they never thought they would; like being the second band in the history of Honduras to have a video aired on MTV Latin America, with their song "No Estoy Solo" (Not Alone), making Rose the first Honduran female singer on MTV, became a finalist in the National Pepsi Battle of the bands contest, had their song "Communication" featured on a Coca Cola Commercial, were nominated for "Band of the Year" in the Extra Awards, and won the Tigo Music Fest Contest which let them be an opening act for artists like Pitbull, Prince Royce and others at the Chochi Sosa Stadium.

As they were recording their second album to be released in 2016, they were featured in the "Right Side Blog" as Midnight Coffee and got selected by Squarespace to be part of a compilation album called "Music That Rocks", with artists that had a ".band" site. 

"Not Alone" on MTV Wake Up Hits

"Not Alone" on MTV Wake Up Hits

Gabriel Cuellar, "Nono" from "Los Bohemios del Reggaeton, Sheyla Downing, and Rose 

Gabriel Cuellar, "Nono" from "Los Bohemios del Reggaeton, Sheyla Downing, and Rose 

with Nilo Espinal from "Diablos Negros"

with Nilo Espinal from "Diablos Negros"

Rose did some projects on the side, like being a judge for the "Let's Go" Series ("The Voice" style contest) multiple times for Great Commission Church, and Background Vocals on the national soccer song "Viva Honduras" by Rony Pavon, which won first place and got them singing on the National "Tiburcio Carias" stadium in Tegucigalpa. 

National Stadium "Tiburcio Carias"

National Stadium "Tiburcio Carias"

Rose had an honorable mention on "Singers Universe" in November 2016 for her cover song "Black Coffee".

Starting over in music and having moved to the U.S. in September 2016 (Nashville, TN) after living all her life in Honduras, Rose is ecstatic to start new projects and see what is to come now! 

"Between exploring new genres like Blues-Rock, pop, soul, and writing new songs; I'm trembling, dancing, screaming, getting to explore a new country which I call my home now, and meeting new people every day. This is my dream come true. I'm excited about today and can't wait to meet you!
Join me on this journey as I look forward to releasing my debut Ep album in this coming August 17th, 2018 at the Mercy Lounge,  Let's PAARTYYYY!!!"


Pc: Daniel Lopez

Pc: Daniel Lopez

Rose Rodriguez (John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge) Nashville 2017

Teatro Manuel Bonilla

Teatro Manuel Bonilla

lyrics for UNESCO song "We Can Make A Better World"

lyrics for UNESCO song "We Can Make A Better World"



Featured in Nashville Scene for the Debut Ep’s Release Show: “Rose Gold” @Mercy Lounge. Click to read article.

Featured in Nashville Scene for the Debut Ep’s Release Show: “Rose Gold” @Mercy Lounge. Click to read article.

Featured in Ising Magazine. Click to view article.

Featured in Ising Magazine. Click to view article.

Featured in La Tribuna, Honduras. Click to view more.

Featured in La Tribuna, Honduras. Click to view more.

Featured in a U.S. Newspaper for the first time. El Crucero de Tennessee, hispanic newspaper. Click to view more.

Featured in a U.S. Newspaper for the first time. El Crucero de Tennessee, hispanic newspaper. Click to view more.

Featured in Nashville Offbeat. Click to view more.

Featured in Nashville Offbeat. Click to view more.

Featured in La Tribuna Newspaper, Honduras. Click to view more.

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